Relationships take work.
Zillion builds, simplifies and connects them.
With HIPAA-Compliant technology that works
with what you already have and use,
  • Legacy Systems
  • Health Insurance Databases
  • Claims Processing
  • Applications & Custom Modules
and integrates with the devices that matter
to your consumers,
  • Email
  • Chat & Texts
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Wearables
  • Mobile Devices
  • Desktops & Laptops
Zillions empowers you with endless ways to connect.
See for yourself.


Live Interactive Video
Connect one-on-one, as a group or on-site through remote, live video meetings.

Alerts & Notifications
Use configurable email, in-app secure messaging and/or text reminders for upcoming appointments, prescriptions and more.

Content Delivery

Use video to share presentations and tutorials. With our live streaming capabilities, consumers can tune in to an important meeting, as it’s happening.

Documents, Forms & Lab Results
Our HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easy to securely send confidential forms and documentation, including lab results, to any given participant.

Content Library
Zillion consolidates everything you share with your participants in one easy-to-navigate, customized interface.


Curriculum Scheduling
With admin wizards for curriculum management, calendar sync, asset management and advanced scheduling capabilities, everyone’s always on the same page.

New users can easily make a profile through an eligibility interface, unique registration codes, credit card payment functionality and payer submissions.


Data Capture
In addition to consolidating medical records, Zillion® collects participant data from the devices they already use, from smartphones to Fitbits and more.

Goal Tracking
Participants can see how they’re doing with any given health plan, so providers can adjust accordingly or set new goals.

Program & App Performance Metrics
Learn how your participants are responding to Zillion’s apps, such as live video and text alerts, to ensure that every interaction is better than the last.

Yield Management
Get the big picture on how your numbers improve over time.