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September 6, 2016

Startup Insider: Zillion®

Bill Van Wyck, president and chief innovation officer for Norwalk, Conn.-based Zillion, founded the company in 2010, after spending years in industries like shipping, logistics and e-commerce and finding that, in many ways, healthcare is just another messed up vertical with a variety of pain points in need of solutions.

“Healthcare is not unlike other verticals in that it’s a big industry with problems,” Mr. Van Wyck says. “And there are players trying to solve those problems using technology who often end up trying to be technology companies at the same time. I wanted to bring value to healthcare by using a technology and software perspective to solve industry problems.”

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Michelle Stevens
August 30, 2016

Zillion® Secures $28 Million in Series C Financing

Funding to drive company growth, fuel expansion of digital engagement platform for video coaching and content delivery for consumer-driven healthcare applications.

Zillion Group, a leading technology solution for digital engagement, today announced the company has raised $28 million in its Series C round of fundraising. The round was led by TwinFocus Capital Partners, the premier boutique multifamily office for global ultra-high net worth families, entrepreneurs and professional investors. As part of the financing, TwinFocus’ Cofounder and Managing Partner Paul Karger, CFA, will also join Zillion’s Board of Directors.

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Kelly Jura